Aiq scan for trauma

Experience is demonstrating that, in critical situations like accident and trauma, employing AIQ ultrasound at the care can have a profound effect on outcome. In such cases where patients are mostly immobile, hand-carried technology can reach patients where they are, be it along the roadside, in remote jungle village, or following major disasters.

assist with diagnosis

AQI ultrasound has proven itself to be an effective diagnostic tool that is comparable to, and oftentimes, preferable to other forms of imaging modalities. Because ultrasound emits no ionizing radiation, it is a safe option that should be considered before selecting other diagnostic modalities that subject patients to radiation exposure.

guide invasive procedures

The implementation of AIQ models ultrasound technology enables medical professionals to perform precision-based procedures and treatments under direct AIQ ultrasound visualization. A growing number of studies indicate that use of ultrasound guidance by physicians may improve success and decrease complications in critical cases.

reduce time, money, space.

Ours Company Analyze Biotech, implementing many program for reducing the time, cost, and space. we doing many research for customer satisfaction in all facts. Ours all the products are design, manupulate and manafacture for the customer's conveninent in way of bring the advance medical imaging technology and supports at yours door step

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Analyze Biotech is the largest Integrated Corporate Healthcare Group in India. Headquartered in Chennai, Analyze Groups expand the network in India and International presence in South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa. Analyze Biotech has grown leaps and bounds since its inception. Crossing a new milestone each year, the trail blazing achievements of Analyze Group has gradually revolutionized medical technology in India and abroad. Analyze Biotech is the largest Medical Technology Company of Indian Origin, offering 360 degrees solution with presence in Clinical IVD, Imaging, Biotechnology, Critical & Cardiac Care, Patient Monitors, Surgical Equip, and Advance Biotech equipament, along with its expert consulting services.

Analyze image is the Division of Analyze Biotech. Analyze image has been at the forefront bringing quality medical imaging technology to healthcare providers in India and emerging markets for over a decade now. It joined hands with key global leaders in medical imaging technology making advanced technologies accessible to doctors, clinics and research centers across India.

latest events and news

  • 02Nov
    Launching of 5-Part Fully Auto Hemotology Analyzer
    Nov 02.08.00
    Our Company Launching 5-part Hemotology Analyzer, with two variant. In this product three types of different technology for measuring the blood cell. The Product named "HEMOTX-5DX". For More Info Click Here
  • 01Nov
    Launching of Advance Auto Bio-chem Analyzer variant
    Nov 01.10.45
    Ours Company Analyze Biotech division Lauching the advancement and technology in Automated Bio-chemistry Analyzer, for the same new variant are launched, named "BIOTRA K4500". For More Info Click Here